I fell in love with a Geisha

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I fell in love with a Geisha

Geisha's Blade Facebook Page

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Long before the website of the pioneering sword shop, Geisha’s Blade, appeared online, one person already embarked on a quest to find a decent blade.

This person’s intense passion to practice in several martial arts for variety made him want to undergo Martial arts training with a sword, particularly that blade traditionally wielded by the Samurai warriors of Feudal Japan known as “Katana”.

A Katana is a traditionally made Japanese sword forged using specialized Japanese steel called “Tamahagane”.

A traditional smelting process, folding method, and differential hardening or differential quenching, gently gives the blade its distinctive curvature and a “hamon”.

Katana signed by Masamune

A 70.6 cm Katana of the Kamakura Period, 14th Century, signed by Masamune, widely recognized as Japan’s greatest swordsmith.

Owning a “real” katana may not only fulfill this fervent Martial arts practitioner’s dreams, but to possess such a sword, one renowned for its sharpness and strength, would be priceless.

However, modern Katanas manufactured today are well regulated by Japan. In fact, genuine items are rarely sold online, and these can be very expensive.

Thus, does living in the Philippines mean finding a “real” Katana impossible?

Not unlikely. One could still end up with “Kobuse” spoils of WW2 handed down by their forefathers.

Lamination methods

Lamination methods

Faced with such odds, this person’s hunt seemed futile, but he persisted in searching online. This led him to the Sword Buyers Guide website’s “Ronin katanas”, it was his first love.

He was able to contact the seller and got a shipping quote but feeling two worlds apart, it seemed like he was never going to be united with his first love.

When he was about to give up, that was when he met a Geisha… and it didn’t take long for him to have a change of heart with his newfound love: a Geisha’s Blade.

Geisha's Blade

The pioneer of Japanese style swords in the Philippines

Geisha’s Blade: Philippines Samurai Sword Shop @ www.geishasblade.com, is an online shop based in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines that sells modern samurai swords, medieval swords, and swords from popular anime, video games, etc.

Geisha's Blade Exhibit

Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 3rd public exhibit and it’s 3rd year to join the University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts (UP AME), held at the World Trade Center last Nov 12, 2011

Although our sword enthusiast is out looking for Katanas, the avid weapon collector’s side in him also made him take an interest on other Swords and bladed weapons as well.

Whatever the make, whether sold online or given away as prizes in a contest, whatever they may be, he never passes up a good one.

Sheer luck one day got him an old “Wakizashi” for P300.00 sold by a personal friend.

He learned that this sword was used to chop firewood with and that it once split in half a piece of 2” x 2” lumber as well as the 4” steel nail embedded.

Now, if that little baby can cut something like that, just imagine what a sharpened Geisha’s Blade Katana can do in the right hands.

Akuma No Chi Katana

Akuma No Chi Katana

Akuma Description

“…rust and corrosion proof!”

An email to Geisha’s Blade was answered immediately.

He was quite amazed after getting a good feedback, a decent quote, and great customer service made him felt comfortable and quite welcome.

Geisha's Blade Katanas

Geisha’s Blade Katanas

Although he lives in Mindanao, the correspondence instilled a distinctive emotional atmosphere as trust was in the air, and sensed that he can buy with confidence with this online shop.

Geisha’s Blade is selling “Modern Samurai Swords” and although these are not those wielded by the Samurai of Japan long ago, you can hardly tell the difference… their swords look and cut like the real thing!

Akuma no Chi Katana

Akuma no Chi Katana “Demon’s blood”

Akuma no Chi Katana Specifications

Akuma no Chi Katana Specifications

For us here in Mindanao, chances of owning a “real” Japanese blade is like one in a million or like one’s got to have a million (pesos) to get one.

So, living in the Philippines, I will just have to settle for nothing less than the best… a Geisha’s Blade!

We may not be Japanese by birth nor belong to the Samurai class of Japan… but with a Geisha’s Blade in hand… who says, “We can’t be a Samurai at heart!”

So, what are you waiting for?

“C’mon! Fall in love with a Geisha… and bring out the Samurai in you.”

Face me Demon!

Face me Demon!

Written by: kuskus-balongus

Date Written: February 8, 2014

Date Published: February 9, 2014


* Disclaimer *
Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 swords are sold only for training under expert supervision, for demonstration of forms, collection or display. Inspect swords before use to ensure they are in proper condition. Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 is not responsible for any and all forms of use, misuse, injury, disability, damage, any other serious risk, or loss incurred. By purchasing any of their products, the buyer agrees they are 18 years of age, is fully responsible and assumes all liability.

The Human Fossil


The Human Fossil

by: “kuskusbalongus

Philippine President Noynoy Aquino


Dr. Simmons couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he was happy about this new development, a great turn of events as Philippine President Noynoy Aquino or PNoy confirms it in his speech about Global Warming, the approval of research grants to address Greenhouse effects.

He didn’t mind the other countless Scientists, Politicians and personalities present during the congregation. He was jumping up and down and laughing his head off, and it wasn’t like the kind of laughter you hear coming from one evil genius who just made neither a recent discovery nor a sinister plot.

But all the laughter and actions were all happening inside the mind of one timid scientist who just sat silently, very composed, not even showing any visage of cheerfulness while continuing to listen attentively to PNoy’s talk.

Behind thick glasses lenses lies eyes that project a naïve assumption that such grant’s approval instilled hope for climate change, so easy for those who are quick to judge character to see that this scientist is a mere pushover.

But unbeknownst, underneath it all lays a cunning persona displaying a dark mantle as cover who knew that such speech is just mumbo jumbo.

dark mantle

behind thick glasses

Industrial smog pollution in the last decade has taken its toll, hastening depletion of the Earth’s oxygen and the current atmosphere is barely breathable.

With the dispersing of tons of CFC’s and other pollutants in the air, the Ozone layer hole’s size before is but a pin hole.

As more and more of the lone planetary systems sun’s radiation penetrates, it slowly burns the remaining sparse forest and vegetation each day, leaving Earth with a seemingly irreversible change in the weather and climate.

Dr. Simmons knew there’s no more hope left to change the environment and humankind one way or another is drastically heading towards a certain doom, he knows the last hope lays in his secret “Project A!”

He secretly discovered this stunning breakthrough through years of research and hard work done inside his underground lab. Project A was a marvel of its kind, it not only 3D prints inanimate objects but with a touch of laser and nanotechnology, and the right ingredients, it is capable of printing organic carbon based life forms and materials, that includes animals, plants, and even microorganisms.

Trying to raise awareness and additional funding Dr. Simmons undertakes a number of public campaigns around the world in a bid to bring about climate change and save the environment. With his influence and power he was able to raise billions in funding from generous Philanthropist donations all over the globe.

However, he secretly diverts the funds for his secret project and surreptitiously builds these ultra-safe facilities strategically placed around the globe.

Project A was operated by the most advance of computer systems that money can buy. Solar panels and other types of fuel cells are available to make it run for a very long time. Environmental detectors gather and stores data in its computer hard drive built inside an all weather proof outer shell.

execute commands

…underlying directives dictates.

Robotic programs execute commands to mass produce organic entities as per readings based on the current ecosystems viability and capability to sustain life.

Its underlying directives ensure that it can acquire accurate bio readings and if conditions are not right, it will stay dormant for billions of years on end until an atmosphere suitable for sustaining life exists.

Dr. Simmons knew he wouldn’t last that long. But he was no run of the mill Scientist. He was a genius of all geniuses. So he invented a near indestructible cylinder, equipped with detectors, sensors, filters, and cryostasis for him to sleep and stay in suspended animation for a very, very long time.

Many years passed, humankind only managed to consume all of the Earth’s remaining resources, its fossil fuels, natural gas reserves, and finally exhausted almost all of the remaining oxygen in the atmosphere.

All that remains was like a death cloud.

Most of the weak, the sick, the young, and the elderly living in crowded major metropolis perished first. Mankind’s decimation slowly sweeps across the continents, suffocating and killing millions in its wake.

Those who were able bodied made for the mountains, retreating in caves and sheltering deep inside remaining oasis like jungles whose trees were still capable of providing little oxygen for comfort.

Most of the people in the east, oriental folks, who know the primitive ways, who learned to live off the land, survived.

slowly fading

into darkness Earth gently fades

Earth through time gradually slipped into darkness, its rich colors of blue, green, white, and brown as seen from space by and by lost its luster, like a giant plastic ball stuck in the roof, left out in the scorching sun and slowly losing its color, gently fading as every day passes.

A beacon like flashing light goes off, texts appear in monitors with great speed, as analysis of atmospheric data gathered is interpreted and inputted in the computer system. Project A fires up as data deduced indicate tolerable surroundings and starts manufacturing organisms of all sorts and humans printed as well.


brought into existence

As the first line of “prints” emerged and went out to explore and conquer vast barren land, initial interaction with survivors looks promising, as humankind seemed ready to repopulate the world.

Contacts with other humanoids and animal mutations proved deadly as most have developed a taste for anything that they can catch and devour for their own nourishment.

Generations come and go, thousands of years come to pass and most parts of Earth’s atmosphere still remained toxic. Places where giant metropolis once existed has now become deserts, with looming skyscrapers seen by survivor’s miles away as they stick close to their caves and burrows during the not so illuminated day as toxic clouds cover the suns rays.

Survivors seldom venture far away from their encampments as mutations kept prowling and hunting them if they wander off and end up in their territory or occasionally snatching a number of them in brazen attacks.

Humankind at this point was like back in the Stone Age and just as they were starting to rebuild, disaster strikes and almost wipes all of the remaining survivors as a giant asteroid hits Earth and manages to kick up dust that covered the Earth again in total darkness.

Project A goes dormant again.

depths of space

billions of years

Billions of years elapsed.

Blurry vision seems to be getting clear as adjustment to light falling on age old eyes commences. As eyes scan the new surroundings, it seemed like a healing room but with futuristic and advance looking medical equipments.

As the view from a small round fortified window indicate, this seemed to be a vehicle traveling in the depths of space.

“Hello Dr. Simmons!” a voice came from behind as the scientist awakened from slumber was endlessly staring thru the glass window.

Dr. Simmons turned his head and was speechless, not because of what he sees in the room that called him by his name and slowly approached him as he was sitting on the bed facing the window.

But he was dumbfounded to see another human being inside the room, inside a giant transport, a massive spaceship, capable of cursing through the galaxies on eon-drive propulsion on a course set for an Exoplanet chosen for terraforming, SWEEPS-04 b.


Exoplanet Sweeps-04 b size comparison with Jupiter

Dr. Simmons’s cylinder was short for a time capsule. In the middle of their journey in space, he was revived by Humans printed by the same 3D machines he built billions of years ago in Earth, after billions of years since the Asteroid struck.

An advance race of humans, “prints,” that have innate mind-bending, telekinetic abilities, and armed with the knowledge to devise, invent, and turn materials from scrap into something else as dictated by Project Alpha’s directive and command.

Dr. Simmons’s felt like he was a time traveler, like an immortal, the greatest thing that happened that defies the laws of Science, which he considers “Neolithic” being in the early 2000’s.

Yet the Human print, a doctor, assigned to him in his thoughts, considered it an honor to be the first to interact, to be in the presence of a multi-billion-year-old living human fossil. The brains to the 3D machines that the prints now put on display along with other artifacts back at their museum in Mars.

Mars 4th rock

Museum in Mars relic and artifacts

*This Short story was written by kuskusbalongus based on an outline by Ashwin.