I fell in love with a Geisha

Geisha's Blade Facebook Page

I fell in love with a Geisha

Geisha's Blade Facebook Page

Facebook Page

Long before the website of the pioneering sword shop, Geisha’s Blade, appeared online, one person already embarked on a quest to find a decent blade.

This person’s intense passion to practice in several martial arts for variety made him want to undergo Martial arts training with a sword, particularly that blade traditionally wielded by the Samurai warriors of Feudal Japan known as “Katana”.

A Katana is a traditionally made Japanese sword forged using specialized Japanese steel called “Tamahagane”.

A traditional smelting process, folding method, and differential hardening or differential quenching, gently gives the blade its distinctive curvature and a “hamon”.

Katana signed by Masamune

A 70.6 cm Katana of the Kamakura Period, 14th Century, signed by Masamune, widely recognized as Japan’s greatest swordsmith.

Owning a “real” katana may not only fulfill this fervent Martial arts practitioner’s dreams, but to possess such a sword, one renowned for its sharpness and strength, would be priceless.

However, modern Katanas manufactured today are well regulated by Japan. In fact, genuine items are rarely sold online, and these can be very expensive.

Thus, does living in the Philippines mean finding a “real” Katana impossible?

Not unlikely. One could still end up with “Kobuse” spoils of WW2 handed down by their forefathers.

Lamination methods

Lamination methods

Faced with such odds, this person’s hunt seemed futile, but he persisted in searching online. This led him to the Sword Buyers Guide website’s “Ronin katanas”, it was his first love.

He was able to contact the seller and got a shipping quote but feeling two worlds apart, it seemed like he was never going to be united with his first love.

When he was about to give up, that was when he met a Geisha… and it didn’t take long for him to have a change of heart with his newfound love: a Geisha’s Blade.

Geisha's Blade

The pioneer of Japanese style swords in the Philippines

Geisha’s Blade: Philippines Samurai Sword Shop @ www.geishasblade.com, is an online shop based in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines that sells modern samurai swords, medieval swords, and swords from popular anime, video games, etc.

Geisha's Blade Exhibit

Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 3rd public exhibit and it’s 3rd year to join the University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts (UP AME), held at the World Trade Center last Nov 12, 2011

Although our sword enthusiast is out looking for Katanas, the avid weapon collector’s side in him also made him take an interest on other Swords and bladed weapons as well.

Whatever the make, whether sold online or given away as prizes in a contest, whatever they may be, he never passes up a good one.

Sheer luck one day got him an old “Wakizashi” for P300.00 sold by a personal friend.

He learned that this sword was used to chop firewood with and that it once split in half a piece of 2” x 2” lumber as well as the 4” steel nail embedded.

Now, if that little baby can cut something like that, just imagine what a sharpened Geisha’s Blade Katana can do in the right hands.

Akuma No Chi Katana

Akuma No Chi Katana

Akuma Description

“…rust and corrosion proof!”

An email to Geisha’s Blade was answered immediately.

He was quite amazed after getting a good feedback, a decent quote, and great customer service made him felt comfortable and quite welcome.

Geisha's Blade Katanas

Geisha’s Blade Katanas

Although he lives in Mindanao, the correspondence instilled a distinctive emotional atmosphere as trust was in the air, and sensed that he can buy with confidence with this online shop.

Geisha’s Blade is selling “Modern Samurai Swords” and although these are not those wielded by the Samurai of Japan long ago, you can hardly tell the difference… their swords look and cut like the real thing!

Akuma no Chi Katana

Akuma no Chi Katana “Demon’s blood”

Akuma no Chi Katana Specifications

Akuma no Chi Katana Specifications

For us here in Mindanao, chances of owning a “real” Japanese blade is like one in a million or like one’s got to have a million (pesos) to get one.

So, living in the Philippines, I will just have to settle for nothing less than the best… a Geisha’s Blade!

We may not be Japanese by birth nor belong to the Samurai class of Japan… but with a Geisha’s Blade in hand… who says, “We can’t be a Samurai at heart!”

So, what are you waiting for?

“C’mon! Fall in love with a Geisha… and bring out the Samurai in you.”

Face me Demon!

Face me Demon!

Written by: kuskus-balongus

Date Written: February 8, 2014

Date Published: February 9, 2014


* Disclaimer *
Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 swords are sold only for training under expert supervision, for demonstration of forms, collection or display. Inspect swords before use to ensure they are in proper condition. Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 is not responsible for any and all forms of use, misuse, injury, disability, damage, any other serious risk, or loss incurred. By purchasing any of their products, the buyer agrees they are 18 years of age, is fully responsible and assumes all liability.

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  1. vilma amaro

    it’s fantastic all swords I would like to ask how much the real swords geisha? that I can used for cutting or chopping everything..


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