Guitar Craze: The Quest For Musical Instruments


To what extent does one go through in life?

This is how it all began.

As the Mitochondria band today reassemble and muster up the energy to rekindle that passion-driven fire within them to revive their original compositions.

Renewed efforts of getting themselves together again however, would be nothing but futile if an ensemble goes on without the necessary musical instruments to channel their musical creations.


Take your pick.

Having left with no amplifiers or stringed instruments now the band is out to find new sets of gear and equipment.


The Guitar side…

But such a call to arms wouldn’t mean it’ll cost one a leg or an arm, that is, in acquiring instruments it doesn’t mean it has to be high-end implements.


…or the Bass-side?

So let me tell you a short story, a real Mitochondria story entitled, “Guitar Craze: The Quest For Musical Instruments.”


Look! It is your destiny!

It’s a story about what two band members had to go through as they travel around in a craze that came out of the blue.


See you soon in Episode VIII

Now, I shall have to take you back with me in time to the year Two thousand and seven when the band was at its year eleven.


Mitochondria Band

It was a warm summer day when members, Danzoy and Ckinzki, first set out on a quest in search for their quarry.

beautiful bass

Danzoy and Ckinzki

So on their bike they took a ride, heading east through the countryside. Withstanding dust and heat, the beautiful countryside was the treat.

Following directions and clues like the Amazing race, Alas! they found a beautiful bass.

two basses

(Left) First P-Bass, (Right) Fernandes Bass, what a beauty.

Since that first find thereafter it all started and almost all Churches using musical instruments in Iligan City and neighboring towns they visited.


Along with a Black Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar and a DOD Death Metal Distortion Pedal got traded to a Lazer Drumset (2008).

Asking fellow musicians, friends, and strangers they even dropped by the homes of studio owners.


“Amber is the color of your energy” -311. Extraordinary sounding pickups… Sold (2008).

In their efforts they never let-up and once they got lucky to get a whole band set-up.


Sold (2008).

As their acquisition turned to buying damaged or junked instruments, somehow they needed someone to fix them worn out equipment’s.

Ibanez Guitar

Guitar sold in 2008

Upon hearing of an Iligan City good luthier they ended up selling junk bottles, plastics, and metals so the master can fix their hoarded gear.


Sold along with a 30 watts guitar amplifier (2008).

In this former search for used band equipment’s, to great lengths the two went in their procurement.


Pawned to buy a flock of Australian Love Birds (2010).

Because having a thing for used musical instruments for the two, that time, meant disregarding any impediments.


Sold as is (2010)


LPC sold in 2011 along with a 30 watts guitar amplifier… Change of hobby.

GAS up! It’s going to be a fun ride once again.


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