A Valentine’s Day True Story

na lahos og kinuskusbalungos

It was February 13th when a young girl got a short visit from her boyfriend who was just dropping by to give her a box of chocolate and a heart shaped balloon.

Her boyfriend had an important matter to attend to so he told her that he will just come back the following day.

Next day it was Valentines day and he asked her out on a date and take a motorcycle ride with him to a local mountain spot.

It was a long trip and while driving up the mountain road there was a small store up ahead located on the opposite side of the road they were travelling on.

Her boyfriend made a quick stop and parked the motorcycle on the roadside across the store.

After stopping, her boyfriend then asked her if he could borrow some money to buy something.

So she gave him some money and waited on the bike as he crossed the road and went to the store.

After a few minutes she saw her boyfriend walking back towards the bike while holding something behind his back with one hand.

When he got to her, he asked her to close her eyes which she complied.

He then asked her to open her eyes and when she did, she saw her boyfriend holding three roses close to her face who then said to her, “Happy Valentines!”

As they drove on, she realized her boyfriend used the money he borrowed from her to buy the flowers and when she turned around to look at the store again she saw that there was a flower garden behind the store hidden by the trees and bushes that grew beside it.

In the evening the boyfriend surprised his girlfriend again with a box of chocolates and a heart-shaped balloon when he paid him another visit at her place.

retrieved from panoramio.com

three roses (retrieved from panoramia.com)

Three months later the girl and her female friend went to a shop downtown. While they were inside the shop, her friend who happened to be a friend of the shop owner were talking.

Now the shop’s owner and the girl’s friend were also friends of the girl’s boyfriend.

But the shop owner and the girl were not friends and didn’t know each other.

The shop owner also didn’t know that his friend was the girl’s boyfriend.

In their conversation the shop owner asked the girl’s friend if she saw their common friend (the girl’s boyfriend) because he needed to talk to him about something.

The girl’s friend told the shop owner that she hasn’t seen him for some time but told the shop owner to ask her friend because maybe she knows where he is.

After getting introduced and talking for a little while, the shop owner finally said to the girl, “Your friend told me that you know “____.” I was wondering if you know where he is now because he still owes me payment for a box of chocolate and a heart shaped balloon.”

hershey kisses and a balloon overstock.com

…a box of chocolate and a heart shaped balloon (retrieved from overstock.com)

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