A Band’s Success

In Music... Fans Rule! (Photo courtesy of the Mitochondria band)

In Music… Fans Rule!

What’s music to one may be noise to another.

However, every band always have their circle of fans.

But no matter how good you are, musically speaking, it’s all but nothing when no one is listening.

A band is successful because of their fans, them beautiful people.

Success may come from a bands own effort but most of it comes from their fans loyal support.

Therefore, a bands success is not achieved but it is rather received.

But “true” success doesn’t belong to a band who achieves it but it truly belongs to those, the “fans” who give it.

So if by chance a band hits it big one day, they should never forget their fans and go astray.

Because getting full of oneself and big-headed only leads to your fans getting irritated.

A band shouldn’t forget who put them up there, it’s the people, the fans who were always there.


In Music… Fans Rule!

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