How to beat Blissey, “Unveiled!” Using Rhydon, Fighting Pokemons, Dittos and Pinsir


via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Now that Gen2  has been out for a month now most PokeGym’s are thriving with Blisseys.

Having the highest in Stamina, “GOD Tier” CP and a very big HP makes taking down Blissey Gyms much more difficult.


There is much debate about this “How to beat Blissey” nowadays and it looks like a lot of Poke Trainers are being drawn into this “Blissard” of a storm that’s seemingly and slowly evolving into one “Blazing” controversy for a number out there.

The fact is, a “2,500 to 2,900 CP (77% to 90% of MAX CP) Blissey alone in Gyms for some trainers may seems like a wall already.”


Of course bringing down Blissey Gym’s depends on a number of factors aside from the number of Revives and Potions one carries.

  • The Trainer’s/Attacker’s Current Level
  • The Trainer’s Pokemon Arsenal (Heracross, Machamp, Etc.)
  • The number of Blisseys in a Gym, their CP levels and Move Sets
  • The Trainers Counter Pokemon’s CP’s and Move Sets
  • The other Pokemon Defenders the Gym has.

Okay… so if it’s only a single Blissey one faces.

Some Trainers may say use this and that to fight and smoke Blissey with ease, it’ll just be like a breeze…


Well, then again it all depends on who is battling, depends on their personal experience and what Pokemon they used that worked for them.

No matter what CP or Move Sets a Blissey Defender has though, I usually prefer to use “Ursarings” when battling.


In my previous blog article I demonstrated a little experiment using Ursaring’s against a 2,279 CP  (70% of MAX CP) Blissey (Pound/Psychic).


Hoping to shed a little light about this matter in question on “How to beat Blissey?” and what type of Pokemon to use.

Here’s a little something I’d like to unveil.


However, In this series of battle scenarios you’re about to see, we are going up against “Two Blisseys” only… while using different types of Pokemon’s.

Our Two “Control” Blisseys are as follows…

A 1,837 CP (57% of MAX CP) with Move Sets (Zen Headbutt/Hyperbeam)


1,216 CP (37% of MAX CP) with Move Sets (Zen Headbutt/Dazzling Gleam)

Since these Blisseys don’t have very high CP’s yet, we also used low to average CP attackers.

Using Rhydon, Fighting Pokemons, Dittos and Pinsir, here it goes…

NOTE: Knowing the time constraint, “All Battles” with Blissey were fought without any form of dodging.

A Level 3 GYM defended by a 3,121 CP Dragonite and a 1,837 CP Blissey


“1,837 CP Blissey vs Rhydon’s”



Rhydon Move Sets

A Level 3 Gym defended by a 3,051 Dragonite and a 1,216 CP Blissey


1,216 CP Blissey vs Fighting Pokemons (& a Ditto)IMG_7696

Attacking Pokemon’s Move Sets


on through Dragonite.

Ditto’s (10 to 102 CP) vs 1,216 CP Blissey


Ditto’s (278 to 488 CP) vs 1,216 CP Blissey


Pinsir (1,544 to 1,946 CP) vs 1,216 CP Blissey

All Pinsirs with “Fighting” Quick and Charge Moves


…on through Dragonite

Battles Concluded

Now. let’s take a look at this…

Ursaring’s battle a 2,521 CP (78% of MAX CP) Blissey with Pound/Psychic Move Set

It only took “TWO” Ursarings to defeat a 2,521 CP Blissey.

Fact is, if I use “Ursarings” to battle 2,500 to 2,800+ CP Blisseys, at my current Level 33, it may take me two to three Ursa’s but…

“It really works for me!”


For Blissey’s over 2,900 CP’s?

I’ll still go for Ursa’s and…

It may take three or more average CP Ursa’s but I’m betting…

…they’ll still secure that win!

However, in light of the number of Pokemon’s a trainer can use in this game…

I just wanna say…

“Different strokes for different Poke’s!”


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