Ultimate Pokemon GO Gym Battle In Iligan City


via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

As a Pokemon GO Trainer/Gamer you go out to conquer Pokemon Gyms in the City, wanting to win those battles and take over gyms for your Team.

Going to battle and conquering Pokemon Gyms around the City ain’t that hard, you just simply find those Gyms and go to them.

However, it’s not all about a Gyms location.

For conquering one Pokemon Gym situated near the heart of Iligan City that is located inside one of the big Malls here, the “Globe Store GAISANO ILIGAN” Pokemon Gym ain’t that easy as it seems.

Conquering this gym is really worth a challenge for Pokemon GO Gamers in terms of “Challenging” one Pokemon Gym.


This Pokemon Gym was added after October 25, 2016 after the Update, Version 1.13.3 of Pokemon GO.

Now what makes conquering this gym a real challenge is not because from one time or another, it’s usually filled with an Ultimate Gym Battle Team of Defenders but it’s because of the GPS signal issue.

Although the wireless signal for mobile phones from the server is transmitted in all directions, once you’re inside the Mall, with your Pokemon GO App open, there are factors that affect the signal strength.

The signal is not stable most of the time, there are certain parts in the Mall where one cannot find a valid signal or the signal disappears altogether.

The Globe Store is located at the third floor of the Mall but even if one is inside the Globe Store itself, the signal sometimes becomes intermittent or it fluctuates.

Losing connection is common for the connection keeps going up and down consistently.


So you have a signal… but there are times you often wonder, as you check your map, your Avatar sometimes just tend to walk away from the Gym or runs away from it and end up 250 meters out from the Mall.


You need to be in range of the Gym to challenge it.

So you found a spot where your avatar is within the Gyms circle range.


As you click the button to battle the Gym, Pokemon GO usually automatically picks or fills out a roster of Six of your Pokemon, your team to do battle.

If you’re satisfied with Pokemon GO’s recommended gym battle lineup, you click “GO.”


But sometimes the auto suggested lineup is not always a guarantee…

So, if you’re not satisfied, you manually put together a roster of Pokemon Attackers of your choice to create the ultimate team to battle then click “GO.”


However, because of the “signal issue” after you clicked “GO,” instead of the battle commencing, you get the message “GPS signal not found,” for your avatar has already moved out of the Gyms range.

Many times you get tempted to just click “GO” after getting the auto suggested lineup before you lose the signal again.


Or you just have to walk and find another spot, hoping your avatar goes back within range of the Gym again.

Sometimes you tend to find a good spot and the battle begins.


However, depending on the Gym’s current “Level” winning all the battles is sometimes a very tough task.

For finishing one battle alone is sometimes made even more difficult again by that signal issue, fluctuating consistently, and at times the signal disappears before one battle has ended.

Pokemon’s that faint are “Fainted” Pokemon’s but defeating one Defender will not count if the signal disappears.

Okay, there’s only one Gym defender and you beat it.

Battle has ended, you win and it’s time to add your own defender.



“This gym is too far away.”


Walk again or… run.

Hurry now… just hope no other Trainers of the other Teams are around watching and just waiting for the battle to end.


Battle winners have priority…

But after a minute or so, it’s an open gym.

And sometimes once you get your signal back another trainer has already added a defender, it’s good if it’s from the same team, otherwise you have to find that valid signal and battle again.


Funny thing is, like “Pokemon GO,” sometimes adding that defender of yours to claim the Gym after winning is literally adding it “on the go” because of the signal/server issue.

And another thing, like the signal that keeps going up and down, there are times that you literally have to go up and down the Mall, for a successful spot one day may not be the right spot to battle another day.

Since Gen2 came out, it makes the “challenge” much more difficult, especially with “Blissey” around.


Conquering the Globe Store GAISANO ILIGAN Pokemon Gym seems to be the best achievable in terms of battling and conquering Pokemon Gyms here, seems like it’s the “Ultimate Pokemon GO Gym Battle in Iligan City.”

As a Pokemon GO Gamer, one has learned to accept the fact that battling this Gym is never easy… but if one keeps on trying one will eventually get that win…


Because conquering this Gym after all is all about persistence.


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