Iligan City Pokemon GO Gyms Team’s Territory


via Daily Prompt: Territory

Sometimes it gets pretty mixed up…

Since Gen2 kicked off and the arrival of “Blissey,” most Pokemon Go Gyms in the City’s center are now controlled by Team Valor Iligan.

The Team with the most number of “Blisseys!”


Going Northwest from Iligan City, most Pokemon GO Gyms are controlled by Team Mystic.

While going Northeast is a mix-up.


Team Instinct controlled Gyms are scattered in the surrounding Pokemon GO Gyms near the heart of the City.


Make a Pokemon GO Gym a Level 10 with Gyarados, Rhydon, Snorlax, Dragonite and Blissey and one Team’s controlled Gym gets hard to beat…


However, no matter what the Gym level is…

As long as one has the right Pokemon attackers and a whole lot of Revives and Potions… no Pokemon GO Gym is unbeatable.


But it makes it all much easier if “Team’s will work as a ‘Team!'”


Like I said, the most united Team around is Team Mystic.

Team Valor with the most number of “Blisseys!”

And Team Instinct with the most number of Trainers but with the most number of “Lone Wolves.”


I just hope the upcoming Pokemon GO “Trading and Gym Update” will bring Team members much closer, specially for “Team Instinct” who’s currently at rank #3 in terms of Pokemon Go Gym control in the City’s covered territory.

Battle On Teams!


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