How to Train Your Responder! Rescuers Of Iligan


“Night Fury! Get down!”

Big Guns of ICDRRMO

Nope, this is Iligan City and this ain’t “Berk, where it snows nine months of the year and hails the other three” but it does gets a number of typhoons, storms, and the occasional super typhoons a year.

“Responders that grow here are tough and devotedly selfless. The EMS Trainers that grow here are even more so.”

“Responders here maybe few but their true upsides is, they give their best.”

“While other places have paramedics, or emergency medical services… Yes, we do have it too… we have… the courageous rescuers of the ICDRRMO.”

rescuers and responders kit

“The disasters, MVA’s that happen here, as well as other cases, at times… may be a lot, and the responders that come to the aide here may be just a score though.”

“This is the City of Waterfalls, Iligan’s CDRRMO.”

“We’re down south, in a city that last took a beating from super typhoon Sendong.”

EMS Iligan

“But it’s been our home, and it has always been a home to the valiant rescuers, responders, and trainers of our EMS.”


ICDRRMO Rescuers

ICDRRMO Rescuers

Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation “How to Train Your Dragon and Dragons: Race to the Edge”

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