Life with the EMS


It is not without its challenges

Rescuers may rush in, but they always exercise a good sense of judgment and hesitation in tackling dire situations. Some emergencies are characterized by uncertainty, difficult situations laden full of dangers, and it is always not without its challenges.



Challenges start from emergency dispatch operators (who are responsible for allocating ambulance in response to calls), who sometimes experience degrees of uncertainty and communication difficulties when taking in calls.

Facing callers that are highly emotional, afraid, and hysterical, incomplete calls or lost calls are just to begin with. And when the center is flooded with emergency calls asking for help, resources available at times calls for prioritization

This can be quite challenging. Having knowledge, skills and experience with insight, intuition, sensitivity and empathy, personal qualities as such, are of importance and are essential in the management of dire situations.

EMS Iligan

EMS-Field Operation

They are always there and always ready to answer calls and rush to the scene of an accident or whenever help is needed during an emergency or for whatever reason.

Like living life in the fast lane, attentiveness, staying focused and paying due attention is tantamount when facing different, difficult or dire situations.

Answering calls and spending the whole day running around to the aid of people in medical emergencies is an opportunity to save lives but it sometimes ain’t easy.

rescuers and responders kit

Literally tied to the clock when someone’s life is on the line, rushing about all day, our heroic team is always eager to get there quickly with urgent haste.

Once on the road, the team will be there in no time at all. Rushing from one task to the next, the need to stay available for the next run means being constantly “switched on.” 

Prioritizing is always a priority, there’s no room for distraction as every second counts, delegation is always on the fly without sacrificing effectiveness and productivity.


Despite the rush and getting stressed throughout the day, with little food and rest sometimes in between emergency runs, the team will still be there waiting for the next run.

Team Lumpia3

Running hot on the road obstacles and challenges

The only downside sometimes is the traffic, and some vehicles and motorists who seem impervious to the ambulance blaring sirens cycle and don’t give way or pull over.

Sometimes others don’t move out of the way immediately or just driving completely oblivious to an emergency vehicle behind them running hot on the road.


Some pedestrians at times are unaware of the need to yield, even when an emergency vehicle is approaching using proper lights and sounds, cycling through the siren types.

Ambulance coming thru, someone’s life maybe hanging in the balance, who knows, it could be a loved one. Make way, we might be rushing, pardon, need to do some saving.

Star of life

When one’s health is in serious danger, time is of the essence and crucial, for in cases of sudden health emergencies, ambulance trips are considered medically necessary.



In a Center that serves a city of 44 Barangays with a population of around 440,000 that receives about 5,800 emergency and non-emergency calls annually, doing runs and coming to the aide of those in need is really worth its weight in gold.

mva (2)

For an EMS rescuer on a Rotating 8 Plan work schedule, at the end of the day, after a good day’s work, after a long day of backbreaking work in the field doing various kinds of runs, you will be spent, you feel weary, fatigued, and worn out.


But after each day’s run, running to save lives, you feel happy, and you can relax. You feel exhausted but feel great, you feel tired but in a way it’s good and enjoyable, you feel happy tired. It’s sort of being pleasantly drained that’s somehow soothing.

ICDRRMO Ambulances


In a decent and honorable profession, being with the honorable men and women in the EMS, one feel’s glad that one is a part of a one big happy family that does something to help the community, that is, taking part in making the world a little better.

And taking it from fellow rescuer and pal of mine, Sir Em Malacaste, who in a tribute, laid it down this way, “It’s a good day to save lives!” And there’s nothing like the betterment of our society and humanity, than the saving of lives.


So, as for all the valiant rescuers and first responders out there, those courageous people who sometimes, also put their lives on the line when out to rescue and save others, whatever the situation or time of day… We salute you!


opsops-team-lumpiaTeam Lumpia2Team Lumpia4OPS in action 2OPS (2)

ICDRRMO's Big Guns



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