Ursarings Conquer Blissey Gyms with ease, “Smokes Two Blisseys!”

Conquer Blissey Gyms with ease, "Ursarings Smokes Two Blisseys"

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Nothing smokes Blisseys like Ursarings!

Yes, that’s right.

Ursarings takes on “Two Blisseys” this time.

A 2,572 CP and a 1,837 CP Blissey.

(Both with Zen Headbutt/Hyperbeam Move Sets)

Without further ado here are the Battle Scenes.

First Battle Sequence

1,248 CP to 2,267 CP “Ursarings”


1,837 CP and 2,572 CP “Blisseys”



Three Ursarings fainted


Well, I thought taking down “Two Blisseys” would really be that easy.

Go again, shall we…

Second Battle Sequence

This time…

2,477 CP to 1,744 CP “Ursarings”


1,837 CP and 2,572 CP “Blisseys”



1,837 CP Blissey defeated by 2,477 CP Ursaring with 28 HP left before squaring up with the 2,572 CP Blissey.

Two more Ursarings fainted (2,267 and 2,000 CP) before the fourth Ursaring 1,934 CP finished off the second 2,572 CP Blissey Defender.


In my previous “How to beat Blissey, ‘Unveiled!’…” article I mentioned that for a Blissey over 2,900 CP it may take three to four Ursarings to defeat it…

I was wrong…

Four Ursarings with a range of 70% to 89% IV are capable of disposing “TWO” Blisseys.


Road To Blissey Gyms

Taking on Three Blisseys with 2,500+, 2,600+ and 2,800+ CP next time may be a long shot for now but it’s well worth trying.

Haven’t seen a Level 3 Gym though with those three specific CP Blissey Defenders here.


Blissey is a Beast!


Nothing Smokes Blisseys like Ursarings!

They can conquer Blissey Gyms with ease.

What’s your favorite Pokemon for Blissey?


Other Poke Battle Scenes



Team Instinct: Pokemon GO Iligan Generation 2

"Pokemon GO Iligan - Generation 2"

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“Reign Of Tyranitar”

Since Pokemon GO Generation 2 was released last February 17, 2017 there’s still a lot of excitement in the air…

As Poke Trainers come face to face with new “pocket monsters” spawning everywhere and battle Gyms to add New Poke Defenders.


The thrill in encountering new Pokemon’s in the wild or hatched thru eggs now gave the game a new boost as a number of Poke Trainers are back in the game again and many are out putting lures to catch new ones and fill up their Pokedex.


But I believe none is much more exciting as evolving your first “Blissey,”

…being able to get all evolution “Special ‘RARE’ Items,”

…and of course, evolving the Monster of Terror, “Tyranitar!”

A lot of Poke Trainers saved up on their candies and Chansey’s for Generation 2 release to evolve the “High HP and Top Gym Defender, ‘Blissey!'”

A month since the release, one can always, that is, never fail to see “Blissey” in almost every Pokemon Gym available here in the City of Waterfalls… Iligan City, Philippines.

The Reign of the Monster of Terror “Tyranitar” has just begun as this one New Pokemon was just made available in Gen2 release…

Unlike Chansey that you’ll only be needing a number of candies to make Blissey.

First, …you’ll have to hatch a “Larvitar,” and consider yourself happy

or if you’ll catch a fully evolved “Tyranitar” in the Wild, you’re very lucky

or if it’s one “Pupitar” in the Wild you’ll catch then you are extremely lucky.

A Larvitar!

A Larvitar!

Other places are much luckier (or shall we say have more PokeStops), for only Six days passed since Gen 2 was released, “Tyranitar’s” with 2900+ CP were already found in their Poke Gym’s.


I haven’t even hatched my first “Larvitar” yet and here they are… already in PokeGym’s in another place… a place where I got my first “Larvitar and Swinub” sighting (too bad I failed to catch them both).

Guess, Poke Trainers there are just so lucky but like what is known…

“Pokemon GO” is all about getting up and about, travelling (especially for Regional’s, but hope Niantic will rotate them soon), that is what it’s all about.

Pokedex March 16 2017

Anyways, currently having caught or evolved “77 Pokemon’s” of the 100 New Pokemon’s made available for Generation 2…

a Month after its release is… let me just say…

“It’s Okay!”

For two days, March 15 and 16 seemed to be the culmination of what was called the “RUSH!”


Finally got my “Monster Of Terror” and the “Reign Of Tyranitar” commences.


However, most PokeGym’s are filled with “Blissey!”


Tyranitar to Blisseys: “…the cold shoulder eh?”

But for Tyranitar, you don’t see plenty… yet… as of now.

“Unofficial Count” for all Pokemon GO Team’s within the heart of Iligan City places Poke Trainer’s with Tyranitar’s at less than a “DOZEN” for now.

Team Instinct = 5






Team Valor = 3



No Tyranitar but the Account Holder has “Two” Tyranitar’s at 2k+ and 3k+ CP’s… didn’t find where he placed them at the time of writing this blog.

Team Mystic = 1


The “Reign Of Tyranitar” is here.


Now going back to “Blissey,” a lot of Pokemon GO Players today know that one PokeGym with several Blissey’s, three to begin with, is already hard to beat.


If it be a Level 3 to a Level 10 Pokemon Gym with at least 3 Blissey’s…

Taking it down “alone” would mean having several of your Pokemon’s fainting or the usual case, the “TIME” runs out before you could beat one high CP/HP “Blissey” Defender.

Brought down a Level 7 Gym once (alone) that was defended by:

a Vaporeon 2.5k+ CP (Water Gun/Hydro Pump),

a Rhydon 2.7k+ CP (Rock Smash/Megahorn),

a Snorlax 2.7k+ CP (Zen Headbutt/Body Slam),

a 2.8k+ CP Blissey (Pound/Psychic),

a Rhydon 2.9k+ CP (Mud Slap/Earthquake),

a Gyarados 3k+ CP (Bite/Dragon Pulse),

and a Dragonite 3k+ CP (Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw).

And I got stuck with Blissey!

Brought it down finally at the cost of “50+ fainted Pokemon Attackers”

From Battle XP’s… An average CP/HP Blissey with a Moveset of “Pound” and “Psychic” may only take “Three” Salvos of its Psychic Charge Move (if you take direct hits) in the course of battle… to make one of your 2k+ CP Attacking Pokemon Faint.

That is… if you don’t have the right “tank” Pokemon with the right MoveSets so to speak with enough CP to “Counter” one Blissey.


High CP/HP & Stamina – Blissey

An ardent Pokemon GO Player knows that “Blissey” has the highest in Stamina.

Type: Normal

Attack: 129

Defense: 229

Stamina: 510

Max CP: 3219

Normal Pokemon are weak to Fighting


If you’re wondering what other kind of Pokemon is also very effective in beating “Blissey” check this out and see.

Thy battle scars thy testament…


Here’s what I discovered…

Let’s take a look at this little experiment of mine I like to share with Y’all.



Right Moves but Low CP Ursa’s

Here’s what it looks like using “Higher CP’s…*”


So… there you have it.

Hope you’ll enjoy this tip!

“Works for me.”


*Three things makes “Ursaring” very effective in battling Blissey.

1. It’s also a Normal Type “GOD Tier” Pokemon (Attack: 236, Defense: 144, Stamina: 180, Max CP: 2760)

2. It has Fighting/Steel Quick Move Sets

3. It has Fighting/Fairy/Normal Charge Move Sets


So if it’s a higher CP Blissey defending then use one with a high CP…

And it may take one, two or three Ursa’s…

but when the smoke clears…


“Reign of Tyranitar”

…you’ll surely evict that overstaying “Blissey.”


Team Instinct: Pokemon GO Iligan Generation 2

Battle on fellow Poke Trainers!




Team Valor


Team Instinct

Team Mystic