Talking about “Pokemania”

Talking about "Pokemania"

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“Do you think having 3 different accounts in PoGO (bringing down a Gym and instantly making it Level 3) is the definition of ‘Pokemania?'”

“No, that’s just the tip of the “Ice Beam.”

"MIV" Player

“MIV” Player

“Does having one account for each Team, i. e., an ‘MIV’ (Mystic, Instinct, Valor) Player

…or having 3 different accounts in each Team (3×3) then,

…be the real definition of ‘Pokemania?'”

“Or can we just call it ‘literally’ getting so absorbed in the ‘game?'”


“An augmented reality game invented and patterned like no other game before in history.”


Whether you want to be the best in “Po-King.”


Or show “having fun” can be done “Multi-tasking.”


As long as “Pokemon Scanners or Spoof” Apps you are not using…

Having several different accounts, for Niantic, don’t technically mean “cheating.”


So if you be playing the game like “Fourmungousaur” going after that Bulbasaur…

"Fourmungousaur" Credit: Ben 10 Wiki - Wikia

“Fourmungousaur” Credit: Ben 10 Wiki – Wikia

So be it… It’s not that bad… After-all…


It just shows how “fun and exciting” to some the game is playing.


Since Niantic’s game of “Pokemon GO” came out it has taken the world by storm.



Now that Pokemon GO Gen2 has been released it has now become a whirlwind of a Maelstrom.

Yes, it’s a fact, the game’s developers are indeed money-making.

But some says, who cares, as long as they’re enjoying the game playing.



Sometimes in other peoples perspective, “it is frustrating, it is getting boring, that the game is evil and bad.”

NO ENTRY Magmar! You shall not pass! I'm gonna catch you.

NO ENTRY Magmar! You shall not pass! I’m gonna catch you. (Classified Odd… 11:04 AM at 66%. So, if 11:04 is 1+1+0+4 = 6… join this sum with 66% battery life left, less the percentage sign… then it is 666).

But sometimes it is also subjective, for there are also those that find it “exciting, challenging, as the best game they ever had.”


Do you think you’re a “Pokemaniac?”

“PoGO pa more!”


It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This (Pokemon GO)


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By Far, Today’s The Luckiest Day Since Playing Pokemon GO

The 11th day, i.e., today, seemed to be the luckiest day playing and hunting since Generation 2 in Pokemon GO was released.

Talking about just starting another day of Poke hunting, it turned out to be one of the “greatest” day of the game… playing.

So for all of those of you out there who are also into the “Pokemania,” here’s the story…

First day:

I caught an “Ursaring” right away!


But “Quilava” went astray!


And “Feraligatr” to my dismay… ran away!

It’s Okay, better luck next time!

This one’s a tough one!

However, Today, the 11th Day…

After an “Azumarill” catch…

Later, a third “Phanpy” was hatched…

Boy, this day is going to be fun! Now, I can evolved me self a “Donphan!”

Oh, what a treat, gotta give myself a treat!


It all started with “Azumarill” and “Phanpy” but suddenly entered “Skarmory!”

Then the third “Mantine” followed…

And just when I had enough candies to evolved a”Lanturn,” things took on a new turn…

Party Hat Pikachu is in sight but couldn’t get to him coz’ traffic’s not that light!


Nevermind, I’ll get ya’ next time.


Side trip to the market and a grocery, another 10 km egg hatched a “Chansey!”

Pokemon’s abound in every turn, So I caught me a “Sunkern,” but so far away is “Quagsire,” although one wanted to catch it to thy heart’s desire.

And just when you’re done to take a rest… came a “Feraligatr!”

A “78% CP” got caught this time unlike the “42% CP” that ran away last time…

So that’s the “Feraligatr, Chansey, Mantine, Skarmory, Octillery” Journal above to back up thy story.

And just when things couldn’t get any better by far, along came a “Larvitar!”

Was already so happy… still came another “Phanpy!”

Okay, I finally hatched a “Larvitar!” And his “Defense” say’s “Spark,” rests a star.


So I tell myself…

“By far, today’s the luckiest day since I played ‘Pokemon GO!”

“I guess, I hope, I wish…”

“If I’d get a “10 km egg” on my next PokeStop, I’d say, it doesn’t get any better than this!”



“Be careful what you wish for… you might receive it…

…and I got it!”

So I can’t help but change my buddy…

“No regrets, got my ten, no consequences then…

but that only…”

Anyways, I thank you “Pineco,” you already got me enough candies.

Eventually, “Pineco” became “Forretress!”

“Like ‘Spark’ said, it’s not all about ‘CP’ but evolve the one that can ‘battle with the best of them,’ can’t you see?

Anyways, you can power-up after that, you’ve got enough candies.”

And that also goes out to you “Chansey” for you are now… “Blissey!”

Thank you!

I just had the “Luckiest Day!” of playing Pokemon GO!

Time to celebrate!

How’d I wish, team mates (Team Instinct Iligan)…

…you were all here to participate…

Would’ve love to invite you…

…if this you can partake.




Today seems like the luckiest day…

It feels like, me playing Pokemon GO today somehow centers around the 11th day.

Wow, That was fast! Call answered instantly!


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Pokemon Go (Image retrieved from

Pokemon Go (Image retrieved from

Just when this game of Pokemon GO finally started to get boring for one so absorbed in the Poke craze, the Pokemania, like just a day after one sent out a distress call to Niantic The Pokemon Company, the most unexpected turn of events happened in an instant.

Since the updated Version 1.19.1 last December 9, 2016 and the arrival of the Second Gen Pokemons, Pokedex updated, first “Baby Pokes” hatched 16 December 2016 the game took on a new turn.


Eliciting mixed emotions, happy-sad feeling, for just when one was about to complete their Pokedex, more were added (sigh), anyhow, that’s alright, new Pokes are here!


10km Egg Second Gen Pokemon’s [retrieved from rankedboost(dot)com]

However, 70 days passed of just being able to hatch Baby Pokes only and getting no signs or any sighting, nor catching any “NEW” Second Gen Pokemon’s in the Wild, the wait finally took its toll for our patient Poke Hunter(s) here.


5km Egg Second Gen Pokemons [Retrieved from rankedboost(dot)com]

It felt like the game finally switched from “Exciting” to “Boring” for one and many.


2km Egg Second Gen Pokemon’s [Retrieved from rankedboost(dot)com]

So a call was made, it may prove unavailing, not sure if it’ll work but it was worth a try.

Tangela: Grass Vine Pokemon

Tangela: Grass Vine Pokemon

Squatting on the floor leaning up against a wall, checking the game, it was updated for a new Version 1.27.2 that came up today.

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When it was done and the game was opened…


“My, oh, my, is this for real? Is this ‘It’ finally?”

Black Silhouttes

Black Silhouettes

Seeing black silhouettes today after that call yesterday… “felt like” one’s requests has been answered right away.

"Wow, That was fast! Call answered instantly."


Methought, “Wow, That was fast! Call answered instantly!”

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Coincidence or not? Seventy days of waiting, suddenly the morning became much more “Exciting.”

“It was high time Poke Trainers here started seeing new sightings, be up and about, and be off catching.”

Thank you Niantic The Pokemon Company!

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For making the morning, the game become “exciting, amazing and like an adrenaline rush roller coaster adventure” once again for die-hard fans and Poke Trainers who began to think the game wouldn’t last any longer.

“Really, it was worth the wait.”

“Good thing for those who saved up on their ‘Candies!'”

From “Squat” to “Up and about” …had a great day hunting!

"And out of nowhere PokeStop's in the City were raining everywhere!"

“And out of nowhere PokeStop’s in the City were raining everywhere!”

New Music, New Items, New Pokes…

“What an ‘Awesome Day!'”


Thank you!


The Call: Niantic The Pokemon Company

Tangela: Grass Vine Pokemon

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Just when you are nearing completion of your initial Pokedex came the Second Gen Pokes.

The arrival of the Second Gen Pokes seems to show much promise to Poke Trainers here.


But looking at the game now, since it was released, its progress has gone from “Sweeping” to “Staggering.”

When in other Countries the game seems to be fast paced, for us here now it seems like a “Snail’s” pace.


Like Tangela, looks like the game is literally “Tangled” in its tracks once you get pass the thirties level.

Tangela: Grass Vine Pokemon

Tangela: Grass Vine Pokemon

But for those who are still on Levels 13 to 30, it’s a different story.


The Pokemania and craze in the local setting seems to go from “fun to bland” for a number now.

This game used to be fun but has changed somehow as you see the number of trainers are starting to dwindle now.


Kakamora Captain

It’s slowly fading, becoming uninteresting and sad to say… getting boring for some.

Just hope the Game’s Developers bring in more events that’s beautiful before the game here becomes uneventful.


“not so shiny!”

“Where are those Legendary Pokes Zapdos, Mew, Mewtwo, Dragonites, etc. in the Wild here?”

Guess, we still need to level up some more to catch those powerful Pokes, it’s clear.


But right now, it sound’s like the game is slowly getting unpopular here, Oh dear!


“Maui, Shapeshifter, Demigod of the Wind and Sea, Hero of Men and Women.” Maui happily holding the boat and getting the chance to finally get out of the Island. [Retrieved from ew(dot)com]


Malnourished Maui, Starvin’ look after getting stuck in the Island for thousands of years.