Iligan City Pokemon GO Gyms Team’s Territory


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Sometimes it gets pretty mixed up…

Since Gen2 kicked off and the arrival of “Blissey,” most Pokemon Go Gyms in the City’s center are now controlled by Team Valor Iligan.

The Team with the most number of “Blisseys!”


Going Northwest from Iligan City, most Pokemon GO Gyms are controlled by Team Mystic.

While going Northeast is a mix-up.


Team Instinct controlled Gyms are scattered in the surrounding Pokemon GO Gyms near the heart of the City.


Make a Pokemon GO Gym a Level 10 with Gyarados, Rhydon, Snorlax, Dragonite and Blissey and one Team’s controlled Gym gets hard to beat…


However, no matter what the Gym level is…

As long as one has the right Pokemon attackers and a whole lot of Revives and Potions… no Pokemon GO Gym is unbeatable.


But it makes it all much easier if “Team’s will work as a ‘Team!'”


Like I said, the most united Team around is Team Mystic.

Team Valor with the most number of “Blisseys!”

And Team Instinct with the most number of Trainers but with the most number of “Lone Wolves.”


I just hope the upcoming Pokemon GO “Trading and Gym Update” will bring Team members much closer, specially for “Team Instinct” who’s currently at rank #3 in terms of Pokemon Go Gym control in the City’s covered territory.

Battle On Teams!


Pokemon GO Water Festival Event

Pokemon GO Water Festival Event!

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It’s a beautiful day of fishing… the Pokemon GO way.

The Seventh and last day since the Pokemon GO “Water Festival Event” started ended yesterday.

And as Pokemon GO Trainers got flooded with Water Pokemon’s on their Sightings readout for a week, the hunt is now over.

Things literally turned out very “moving” for the week as Trainers went out hoping to catch more new Gen2 Pokemon’s and others around.


But nothing was much more exciting for us Poke Trainers here to finally get the chance and ran into a “Lapras” in the Wild.

As one of the “rarest” Gen1 Pokemon that most if not all Trainers here dreamt of encountering in the Wild.

Coz, far as I know there’s only one recorded encounter of a 1,200+ CP Lapras here that happened last September 2016.

Sad to say, it ran away and the trainer didn’t catch it.


Having only hatched “One” Lapras last October 20, 2016 and recently a “Second” one on March 25, 2017 after Gen2 kicked off.


Encountering and catching Lapras during this Water Festival Event, gave us Trainers here that good push and roamed around the City, guess some of us got “Lucky.”

Since it was a Water Festival Event, chances were up for catching more Gen1 and Gen2 Water Type Pokemon’s in the Wild.

Armed only with the footstep tracking system” with no other help from “Spoofers or PokeTrack” the hunt for Pokemon’s was on and catching the rarest of them all… A “Lapras!” really paid of.

Day 1

Nothing seem out of the ordinary except that “White whiskered Magikarp.”


Caught some Seels, Qwilfish, Omanytes and evolved an Omastar. And at 10:30 PM the NEWS finally came.


And before the day ended, noticed a change in Gyarados color, and failed to catch a special “Shiny” Magikarp summoned by Incense which ran away.


Day 2

It started with Hoothoot as the first catch and a Pineco 10 km egg hatch…



Popping an Incense hoping to summon a Lapras in the morning, a Blastoise appeared which was really something.

Although previous updates revealed that “Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise” were already here on Earth, I only managed to encounter and catch only a “Venusaur,” and that was before the updates.


Hatching a Dratini, Larvitar, Lickitung, Smoochum, Phanpy. Getting another 10 km egg, catching a Mantine, Slowbro, another Snorlax and evolving a new Dewgong, I said I’ll call it a day, it’s time to relax.


Day 3

Caught a Wobbuffet and a Pineco, and trained to add another Wobuffet in a Gym.


Trained again with three fellow team mate Blisseys unleashing thy Ursarings.


Gym prestige increased but not enough, new batch of Ursarings, Go again, Why not?


Times Up but it was enough to open up another slot.


Now it’s time to add another Pokemon of mine, and this time another Ditto, and what can I say,  “Ditto!”



Hatched another Tyrogue, got another 10 km egg, went around the City and spun more PokeStops disk and was about to add another Pokemon in a Gym with an open Slot…


But something in my Sighting readout caught my eye which made me Stop.


I can’t believe it… it’s a “Lapras!”


In the spur of the moment I thought its CP was only 989 but when it became clear its CP was 1,989, I got so eager to catch it and make it mine.


Yes! My “first” Lapras caught in the Wild!


My third and highest CP so far!

So I tell myself, it’s almost 10:00 am, my battery’s at 10 percent, I finally caught that “Lapras,” it’s time to head for home… but along the way I got another 10!


Wow! This keeps getting better and better… could this get any better than this?


YES it can! And it was something I almost missed… a “Misdreavus!”


Never hatched one, always hoped to get one and to think, I almost passed by this one.


And I caught another Cyndaquil and had my fill.

Got home and evolved a Tyrogue into a Hitmontop.


and another Gyarados.


Noon time was quite another surprise, another acquisition, thy Ursaring Team’s on the rise.


And I caught a Seaking, hatched another Pineco and a Tyrogue.


Day 4

Three more days to go before this event is over and I’m looking to catch another Lapras and maybe evolve a Shiny Magikarp, so out we go.


First catch of the day (a Poliwag) and 7-day ‘First PokeStop of the Day’ streak!  (An “Up-Grade!” Evolutionary Item Guaranteed!) Then hatched two Nidoran Males.


10 km Egg hatch


Another “Lapras!”


My fourth Lapras and third hatch.


Still visited the place where I caught that Lapras yesterday but there was no sighting. Decided to head back home and along the way hatched a Slugma and again got “Two” more 10 km Eggs!

Well, It was just like a repeat from yesterday.


Little Snack before Lunch.

“Talking about a very ‘Wet’ Water Festival Event, here’s a funny coincidence. I was here at this place near the sea shore that’s selling ‘dried’ fish and squid when that ‘Lapras’ hatched.”


So I hatched a Machop and a Sudowoodo…


At last I got another Special Item (A second for this 7-day streak), a “Metal Coat” and another 10 km Egg.


And noticed that “Pinap” Berries were working already, doubling candy drop.


Finally able to evolve an Onix and got my first “Steelix!”


Before the day ended… evolved Pokes and got another Omastar, Forretress and Lanturn plus a few more hatches.


Day 5

More Magikarps, Pinap Berries working, more candies dropping but still no Shiny Magikarp appearing.


Hatched some Water Pokemon’s and caught an Azumarill.


But as of this morning there’s no Lapras still.


A Sandshrew!

So I just had a little battle for one Poke’s debut…


But before I could add, a “Chansey” was hatched, okay, just one or two more hatches and I’ll get another “Blissey.”


Now it’s time to add.


Giving “Steelix” a taste of Gym life but already got kicked out as of this time.


Was still hoping a Lapras or a Gyarados will appear when all of a sudden a “Kabutops” was very near.  


Larvitar found a candy after the Gym takeover and after Kabutops was caught, a 10 km Egg hatch brought in some more Larvitar candies, plus a 1000 CP Gligar also hatched later.


Popped an incense, hoped to catch something Special but only caught a few more Water Pokemon’s, two Mantines, a Pidgeot and Pidgeotto…


In the evening was able to evolve another Seel, Rhyhorn, Wartortle… hatched and caught a few more Pokemon’s with the last one as another Ditto.


Day 6

The day started out with a Ghastly, Slugma hatch then another “Sentret” turned Ditto catch.


Then I got three fresh 10 km Eggs.


Then I had a few more hatches…


And earned a new medal…


Was hungry, battery running low and there was a power outage.


So I thanked “Michelle” for the meal and for letting me charge my phone… as I gobbled up that sumptuous meal.


Hard-core Poke hunter here (and only another avid Poke hunter knows how it feels)!


A Vaporeon and Smeargle

Evolved and got another Omastar and Feraligatr.


And we go on…


Grilled three and much later hatched another three… It was time to head out and after checking the Sightings readout… A “Lapras” was there again!


Broke free three times but it was a good thing I caught it in the end.


Caught another Slowbro, got another 10 km Egg, and hatched a Pineco… And much to one’s surprise another “Lapras” thereafter was hatched.


Hatched and caught a few more Pokes…


Some time later, evolved mon’s and got another Kingdra, a Blastoise, two Forretress, an Omastar and hatched a Magnemite…

Day 7

The Last Day!


Got enough candies and head on out hoping to catch that Shiny Magikarp. Hatched a few more Pokemons and caught another Slowbro.


Then had another Lapras sighting.


Gotcha! Caught another one!

And just like a repeat of yesterday, the Sixth day… another “Lapras” was hatched… plus a Slugma.


Got another 10 km Egg, a few more hatches, evolved an Omanyte and caught a Graveler.


The last day culminated with all egg hatches.



“This ‘Water Festival Event’ was only good for a week and may seem another development that’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

On the third day I already found the rarest of what I seek-ed and hatched another one on the fourth with only three days left before the end of the week.

But the Sixth day seemed to be the “luckiest day” of the week, as a recap I was able to:

  • Get five 10 km Eggs
  • Caught another Ditto and Wobuffet
  • Got another “King-dra, a Feraligatr, a Blastoise, ‘Two’ Omastars and Forretress”
  • Earned another Medal for catching 50 BIG Magikarps (so wet!), and
  • Got “TWO” Lapras (caught and hatched) all in one day

“Although I didn’t catch that Shiny Magikarp, the last day still proved to be well worth it… I was able to get “TWO” more Lapras and that really made it…. “


This “Water Festival Event” really turned out to be a “Wonderful Fishing Event!” in the end.

Thank you Niantic!